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Updated: May 27, 2020

Welcome to the first Post from the GKOS2020.

This is my first entry on this platform in a detailed account of what its like to try and grow a small profitable business from scratch as a computer programmer.

This should be fun and entertaining :)

GKOS2020 is a group developed by a team of computer scientists programmers web designers an accountant and a solicitor that combine the latest technology to give you a secure and enjoyable network to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

We are able to advise or build your project for you from scratch with our core team of ten highly skilled staff.

How we financed this project

We were able to finance this project through the use of block chain technology and referral marketing i know most of it turns out to be garbage or doesn't pay out but that is not the case for all projects and after we set ourselves to the task here are the ones we decided to use.

Brave Privacy Browser we receive five dollars worth of BAT (Basic Attention Token) for everyone who is kind enough to use our referral link below.We choose Brave because its completely free and a fantastic browser that automatically blocks trackers and cookies in doing so saves you data and extends the battery life of your devices.

PublishOx is a fantastic free resource that rewards its readers and writers through the use of tipping.You have six tips that you can give to the authors of the articles you enjoy on a daily basis the tips come from PublishOx Pools so you are never asked for any money.

Upcoming Articles

Networking and product placement.

Video editing.

Getting the right people for the right job.

Making interactive banners to grow your brand.

Persistence and how important it is to keep going.

Ways to grow your network and gain more exposure.

Updates on how the various referral and advertising revenues stack up month after month.

Tips and tricks i have found useful along the way.

Hope you like and follow this for more insight and perhaps drop me a comment with any suggestions you might have.

Thank you for reading this and hope you get in touch to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Failures that are made along the way.

Free Software that we recommend using.

Contact us with any information or inquiries you might have we are always happy to help.

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