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Pi Coin Mining App

As this is my first blog on are site I decided to do it on Pi Coin mining app I have been mining this for a month or two now at this second Pi coin has no value as it is still as its not listed on any exchanges this is how every crypto coin starts off .This coin is still quite young in its life span now as it still in phase 2 where coin can only be mined so people can try gather as much as you can till at phase 3 where they hope for it to become listed on an exchange which they keep saying that will be soon .There is over 6 million miners mining it at the moment but they are hoping to reach 10 million as when they reach that figure they are going to half the mining rate .

As you can see form my screen shot they are trying to miners up to date with the there note from the pi core team. If you look at the top that's how much I have mined from using this app now as there is no currency value or any active wallets for it I have to keep it there if you look down the right hand side you will notice different symbols .Just a quick not this is an old picture I have mined up today which is the 28th July 670.2856 pi coin.Now let me explain all the in's and out's of the main page if you look at the top right hand corner emblem is for chat so this is where you can create chat rooms for your mining rooms random rooms or even rooms to chat to other miners around the world . The next symbol is your security team as you can I have 100% that is because I have 5 people mining for me. The symbol below that which has 4/5 is ho many of your team is actively mining at this time and the very last symbol is my rate of mining per hour which should be 0.88 but as I only have 4 mining its 0.79

The picture to the right is my Earning team I have blurred out my team for GDRP reasons these are the people I signed up and the person who signed me up .Earning Team allows you to see who is mining and who isn't .One great feature it has is that you can ping your team if they are mining .

If you look at the page to the left this is my security circle which looks exactly like my mining team but this has more to do with helping mine at a higher rate for each person who is in your security circle it adds 0.04 pi coin per hour sounds little but if you think of it this way bitcoin started like this and as I am writing this 1 bitcoin is nearly €10,000 per coin .

Above picture is all the ranks you can achieve all are kind of easy to understand well maybe bar the last one Node this is done through your p.c or laptop but unless you have a great setup or know what you are doing I wouldn't do it

Here is my mining rates at the moment my rate is made up of different things so you can see i get 0.20 per hour for being a pioneer .20 per hour for bringing for having 4 people in my security circle and only .39 per hour as an ambassador due to only 4 out 5 mining . They will be adding node mining soon so you can also mine from your laptop . So the moment I have mined 490 pi coins which I am quite happy about I know so people have mined over a 1000 coins but this will be all for nothing if the coin never goes lives they are talking about it going on an exchange next year but by then I would say the mining rate will be halved so maybe if your interested or like to take a gamble on new coins maybe have look for yourself .I hoped you enjoyed read my first blog and hopefully you might join us on are new journey

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Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 3.5 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (crackers83) as your invitation code

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