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Updated: May 27, 2020

Cid Chalk’s Challenge by Frank Mulligan Book Review

Cid Chalk's Challenge is a children’s book by Frank Mulligan a budding author from Co Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland.

home of some of the literary greats it has been and beautifully and simplistically illustrated for children by graphic artist Jordan Guilfoyle.

Publication language English Rating ✔✔✔✔✔

Frank is a friend to all and father to now grown children and if anyone would know how to tell a story capable of entertaining and capturing the imagination of a young child its him.

What it's about

The author has written this book in the hope that it provides entertainment education and inspires the imagination of young children through both exercising the mind and interaction.

As his first book is now for sale at a low price of £9.50 it makes a very worthy addition to anyone’s library should it be as a gift or for your own children/grandchildren its sure to be money well spent.

The book is available here with Free Postage from eBay

We hope that this book will be the first of a series from Frank, as everyone who has been lucky enough to be asked to read or purchased it form a local or online retailer has so far have so far given it five stars for both education entertainment and interaction.

We would recommend this book highly to any parent that wants to have a little fun and improve the mathematical abilities of your children at the same time as enjoying the experience.

chalked as the name suggest with fun and exercises.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and more so the book itself as our children are the future and every little helps.

Stay Safe Stay Home

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